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I've been quietly sewing ever since I stopped work to have my first child, who is now 19.  I asked my husband for a sewing machine for Christmas but suggested he buy the least expensive one he could find as there was every chance it would sit in a corner and gather dust.  It didn't.  


I loved learning a new skill but it was slow, online classes weren't yet a thing, and I had another two children in as many years, so I was mega busy. Whenever I could, I fitted in a bit of sewing and gradually as the children got older and more independent I managed to carve out more time.


I've had two game-changing moments in my sewing history, the first was a few years ago when I found Craftsy.  It enabled me to learn techniques I couldn't teach myself, and that opened up a whole host of garments I simply hadn't been able to tackle.

The second significant change is more recent, I turned 50 and made the decision to stop holding back and start not caring about what other people might think. I had the tattoo that I'd always wanted, I chopped off half my hair, and I finally took a look at the sewing community.  


I found so much inspiration that it has changed the way I sew in just a few months.  I thought it was about time I blogged about my 'journey' - yes that phrase makes me feel a bit bilious too.  Or maybe I'm just looking for an excuse to sew more.




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