Heron Top

Spring has sprung in Manchester, it's my favourite time of year my mood elevates the air is full of promise, and there are daffodils everywhere. I'm always looking for an excuse to sew so the improved weather got me thinking about what I could make. I'd bought a few fabrics from Sew Me Sunshine including this Peeping Peony crepe which was just asking to be made into something summery, but we're not at the summer dress stage just yet so I found myself thinking about shirts.

Rosella my new love

I stumbled on The Sewing Revival an independent sewing pattern company from New Zealand recently. They are completely new to me, and I love the entire range of women's patterns, but they also do children's including young teens. My children are just past that stage, but I cannot tell you how few patterns there are out there for children over about 7 so really worth having a look. * Since writing this blog I've become an affiliate for The Sewing Revival, so any purchases mad