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Cosy Parker​​

Style Arc Parker Coat

I had already planned to make the Parker Coat pattern before the cosy cardi challenge was announced by Amanda at ISewAlot and The Stitch Sisters thinking that it would be a great coatigan.

When the boiled wool fabric arrived from My Fabrics is was more of a knit then I anticipated which in fairness it does clearly say on their website I just got carried away by the fabulous colour.

Style arc Parker coat, cosy cardi challenge

I've had my eye on the pattern from Style Arc for a while and have been waiting for the temperature to drop so I had an excuse to make it. If you've used Style Arc patterns before you'll know that they are pretty succinct but I've always found them to be really easy to sew. This one came together quickly, and as I was using boiled wool, there was no need to overlock the seams. I did make one mistake however which is that I forgot to check my pattern layout before cutting only to realise that I didn't have enough length for my front facing pieces. As the front is in two pieces I just did the same for the facing and made sure that they joined at the same point - I think I've got away with this.

style arc Parker coat, cosy cardi challenge
Debby the dog making an appearance

I'm thrilled with the finished cardi/coatigan I think it's a great contemporary classic design, I'll wear it out and about right now while it's still quite mild and it'll become a secret dressing gown when it gets colder. Even better I can now enter the cosy cardi challenge.

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