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Elliot turtleneck

Helens Closet Elliot

When Helen from Helen's Closet announced that she had released her new Elliot sewing pattern I was thrilled to see it was such a great wardrobe staple. It's getting cold in the UK so it's definitely jumper time, but with this pattern there's a tee variation too and who doesn't like to have a little bit more.

Helens Closet Elliot

I opted for the version with the split hem, although I did lengthen the front by about 5cm which I tend to do with most tops anyway. The turtleneck comes as a shorter or longer length, I went for the longer one and turned it over. My version does look more like a polo neck and didn't come out as slouchy as the others I've seen, I'm not sure why that is as I didn't make any alterations, but I really like it so it's not a problem

The other change I made was to lengthen the sleeves, I love the way the 3/4 sleeve looks, but to be truly cosy I think it needs a longer length.

Helens Closet Elliot

This is the first time I've sewn anything from Helen's Closet and the pattern was exactly as I expected it to be, well drafted and lovely simple instructions. It was a dream to sew, the Elliot has raglan sleeves which mean you don't have to deal with the dreaded set in sleeve, without the split hem the majority of it would have been constructed on the overlocker but even with the split it came together in no time at all. It's certainly suitable for beginners or anyone who hasn't done much sewing with knits.

I saw this as a wearable toile so didn't want to spend too much on the fabric, I bought this sweater knit from Abakhan from their by the weight section I think it cost about £8. As the pattern is totally foolproof I'll spend a little more on fabric next time without having to worry about it sitting in the pile of UFO's

Helens Closet Elliot

This has been the first year I've made my own sweaters and cardigans, for some reason they just weren't on my radar, but they're so versatile without a doubt I'll be making more Elliots over the next couple of months.

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