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Hooray - I'm going to wear dresses this winter

My dogs get a walk first thing every day, as I'm in rainy Manchester winter dog walking is a very muddy affair so I sling on jeans, jumper and wellies and nine times out of ten I'm still in the same outfit by the end of the day. So I plan all these lovely things I'm going to wear in the winter, but in the end I'm in jeans again which is so boring. A friend of mine often walks her dogs still wearing pj's under her coat and then goes home to shower and get ready for the day. I'm very tempted to do the same but I think I'll have a dog walking 'wardrobe' (ratty old joggers) and then get ready when I get home. What all this waffle means is that I'm finally going to wear dresses and skirts this winter so when I saw The Assembly Line had released their new V Neck Dress sewing pattern I had to make it.

Gathered waists are not my friend, and I want to feel comfortable in what I'm wearing so this design really appealed to me. I know I'll wear it all winter and may add a long sleeved top underneath as it gets colder so I think it'll become a real wardrobe staple.

The Assembly Line patterns are stocked in the UK by The Draper's Daughter and this one comes with a sleeveless version and an optional belt. Previous patterns I've had from them have been one size only, but this one is multi sized, as it's their most recent I suspect they'll be doing this for all patterns from now on which I think I prefer. They also give you finished garment measurements, which I love because my measurements never fit one size bracket. This time I went for the size that fitted my bust, if I'd used my waist or hip measurements I'd have made a size bigger, but using the finished measurements I could see that it would still fit.

The Assembly Line V Neck Dress

The sewing instructions come in an A4 booklet so no squinting to see what the diagram shows and were very easy to follow, I particularly love that they include overlocking or seam finishing in the instructions, why on earth don't more pattern companies do this?

I used fabric bought on a recent trip to Fabworks, it's a 25 minute detour to Leeds where my eldest daughter is now at Uni so I have an excellent excuse to visit in person rather than online. It's a cotton and linen mix with a slight sheen to it and was £6 a metre, I can't find it on their website but it washed well and was a joy to sew.

Assembly Line V Neck Dress

The day after I finished it I went to Sew North West and started on a second version in black leopard which I'll put it on Instagram soon if anyone is interested.

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