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It's been so long

I haven't disappeared, I've been sewing a lot and getting distracted by Instagram, but I'm here to put that right. There's a lot to update you on, so rather than one massive post I'm going to split it, and post number two will follow in a couple of days.

I left off last time in the middle of Me Made May, I'd had plans to wear all sort of lovely spring outfits only to realise that here, in Manchester the weather was far from Spring-like. So I tried to make garments for warmer weather that I could layer up.

If you sew, you know that I'm going to tell you that I made an Ogden Cami from True Bias, it's got to be the most popular pattern out there, Originally I made a huge mistake by cutting a size 4 instead of a 14, luckily I spotted it in time so taped all the offcuts back onto the pattern pieces and started again - I must wear my glasses more often. I think the striped version is way too big in this photo and have subsequently taken it in, overall while I'm happy to wear them I think the lack of a dart is an issue, I don't have a huge bust, but I do think a dart would give a more flattering fit. Fortunately, a new cami pattern has just been released with a dart, I've already bought it so watch this space.

Version 1 - I added a little length and made in Lady McElroy fabric, which was leftover from a top I made my Mum.

Version 2 - In striped cotton fabric from Leons Fabrics Manchester

Version 3 - In the same Lady McElroy fabric in a different colourway.

While I was in the mode, I decided to make the Claudia dress from Tessuti patterns into a top. It's not hard to do this with most dresses as it's just a case of chopping off the lower part of the pattern. In this case, I used a 1 metre remnant from Fabric Magpie of Connect The Stars cotton, when I bought it I had no idea what I'd use it for, so it was very satisfying to use it up.

Tessuti Patterns Claudia dress top hack
Lola photobombing me (I really didn't know she was there)

Making this top reminded me that I had a Lois dress from Tesutti patterns that I'd made last year, after a bit of rummaging, I found it in my wardrobe under a pile of jumpers. I love finding things you've forgotten you own, it's like getting something new, so this dress was worn the moment the sun came out. I can't remember where the fabric came from, but it's a poly georgette so can be scrumpled up without creasing, but also means you don't really want to wear it in high temperatures.

Lois Dress from Tesutti Patterns
Lois Dress from Tesutti Patterns

Then I made what has got to be the sewing pattern of the year, the Zadie Jumpsuit by Paper Theory patterns. There hasn't been a day without a Zadie jumpsuit popping up on my Instagram feed, and at first, I wasn't really into it. I was sure it wouldn't suit me at all, I was convinced that it would make me look like a Teletubby, so didn't think it was for me. However, as it became more and more popular, I saw women of all shapes and sizes making and wearing them, and everyone looked great, so I took the plunge. I was wary, so used up some fabric that had been in my stash for 101 years and loved it straight away.

It made sense to make another in a better fabric, the blue one isn't great quality and as summer was approaching it had to be my favourite fabric of all, Linen. I was feeling brave and wanted to try out a new colour to me, so I made my second Zadie in this paprika colour from Abakhan fabrics. I absolutely love everything about this, it's been such a great item to wear in warm weather, the only issue is having to strip off when you go to the Ladies, but you can't have everything.

The edges of the wrap top are finished with bias binding, on the second version I made a facing, but it hasn't worked out very well. Even with understitching and then topstitching the facing toys to poke out, so if I make another, it'll be with the binding as the pattern instructions.

So that's it for now, part two will be up in a day or two.



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