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Jocko in Pink

As a natural redhead I have been told my whole life that I shouldn't wear pink and so I never have, but recently my daughter has been referring to my hair as blond. I've had highlights for the last couple of few years and it's true that my hair isn't as full on red as when I was a girl so it got me wondering if I could actually wear pink now. When I saw the Jocko sweater from Ready to Sew on the Foldline recently I thought I'd give pink a chance.

Jersey cable knit fabric, wrong side and right side

I love an oversized jumper at this time of year and these days knitwear is about the only thing I buy ready to wear. I wanted to find a fabric that had a chunky knit feel, so I chose this jacquard cable knit from TFG fabrics which comes in a vast range of colours and as I hadn't ordered from them before I was keen to see what the quality was like. I absolutely love it, it is a jersey cable, has a 35% horizontal stretch and is super cosy on the right side, I was concerned that it might be itchy on the wrong side, but it's really lovely to wear. I'm trying to think of excuses to buy some more in a different colour.

The Jocko has two options, both have side vents option 1 features button shoulders and decorative buttons on the side vents and option 2 has a turtleneck. I made option 2 for full on chilly weather. However the pattern has a 7/8 sleeve, I wanted full length so added some extra, but forgetting the jumper has a dropped sleeve I added way too much so it needs to be trimmed back a bit. The instructions say that it's designed for a someone 165cm tall I'm 5'7" (170cm) so I followed the instructions to add to the length. I really didn't need to do this, it has come out too long and if I make another one I'll stick to the original length.

I sewed almost all of the Jocko on my overlocker only needing my sewing machine to top stitch the vent and hem, it's such a quick and easy make, the instructions are very straightforward and there is a sewalong on the Ready to Sew website if you get into trouble. The only time I had a problem was when I went off piste and put a couple of stitches on the inside of the neck to keep it in place, when I put it on it didn't look right so I had to unpicked them. Sometimes you think you know better and you really don't.

Look no hands!

Overall I I love how it's turned out, you can see how long the sleeves are I should take some length off, but I'm enjoying wearing it so much that I haven't got around to it yet. The big question is, can I wear pink? I say a big fat yes! What a load of old nonsense all these fashion rules are, I've eliminated a whole colour from my wardrobe for no reason at all. The only downside to this is that now I've got a whole world of pink fabric that I'll 'need' to buy - or is that an upside?

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