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​New monthy ​​roundup

At the beginning of the year I wasn't sure if I'd keep this blog going, it's takes a while and I find that Instagram is a faster and more interactive way to connect. I've been mulling it over and have come up with what I hope is a happy compromise and that is to use this blog to capture what I've been making every month and to use Instagram more often.

We're now two weeks into Me Made May, I went full throttle and pledged to only wear items I'd made for the entire month, I could have chosen an easier plan but I'm a fool. I haven't absolutely stuck to it, I think so far I've missed a couple of days but it's supposed to be a bit of fun, so no need to beat myself up about it.

So far, it's been a great learning experience I'm beginning to understand what gaps I have in my wardrobe, so now my to do list is even longer. There are some new makes I've been wearing in May, the first thing I knew I'd need over a month was jeans. I made an attempt at jeans a little while ago with the Closet Case Patterns Morgan jeans, they are for non stretch denim and although the instructions were great, and the finished item looked good - the fit was terrible. I am desperate to go to a trouser fitting class, to learn how to get this right, but in the meantime I had the brainwave that if I tried stretch jeans they'd be more forgiving. So, I made a pair of Ginger jeans also from Closet Case Patterns and I have to say I love them. I honestly think they are the first pair of jeans I've worn in years that are actually comfortable and fit me. I have a sway back and always have a weird denim bridge across my spine at the back, but with these that doesn't exist. I opted to make them with a high waist and stove pipe leg,so I had to mash up the two options, but that wasn't hard to do and I had great fun with the pockets.

The other basics I knew I'd need were cardigans, a little while ago I made the McCalls 7440 cardigan, the pattern shows it with a deep point at the back, but I felt this was a little severe so changed it to a curve. The fabric I used was a light sweater knit from Bobbins and Bolts, it's really great for this time of year as it doesn't feel chunky, but is warm enough to deal with the British weather.

I loved the fabric so much I ordered some more in this deep red colour and made a Blackwood cardigan from Helen's Closet. I wanted it to be a long length, so added 20cm, which works brilliantly - unless you want to put your hands in your pockets!

If you've read my blog before you'll know that I love the sewing patterns from The Assembly Line so it was inevitable that I would make the new Puff shirt. The pattern is great and as always is easy to follow, but I don't think this was very successful. The sateen fabric is too busy, so you can't see the great fold over neck detail and I think I've made it too big. I will definitely make it again, but in a plain fabric.

While we're on the theme of things being too big, I think the trousers which are the Channing Pants from Seamwork are also too big, however they are lovely to wear in the heat. I made these from a linen/viscose mix from Fabworks, it's a great fabric and I've ordered more in case they run out.

Without a doubt I need to make some more Ginger jeans, I've bought some more denim so I just need to find the time. So far what I've learned from Me Made May is to stop making things that are too big for me, so I'm off to do some fitting research.


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