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​P&M Patterns Suun

P&M Patterns Suun Review

P&M Patterns is a French independent company run by Karine Aivazian who started out designing for children but now designs for women too, selling both paper and pdf patterns. I follow them on Instagram and have been admiring Karine's designs for a little while in particular the Suun blouse and dress as I particularly love the yoke/neck detail.

It's a really versatile pattern as it comes as a top and a dress in two lengths, both sleeved and sleeveless and options for modest to plunging necklines.

I opted for the pdf option, but like a numpty ordered the French version - so contacted P&M to ask if I could have English instructions and received an email from Karine with the English files, excellent customer service and nice to deal directly with the person behind the company.

P&M Patterns Suun Review

This was the next pattern I made after The Blouse which wasn't a great experience, so I wanted to get this one right. I thought this might be a good top for the Nani Iro Sea Hawaii cotton sateen fabric I've been saving for something special. Don't do what I did and order fabric like this from Japan, it took weeks to arrive, and I was stung for a massive customs charge, so it worked out a lot more expensive. If I'd ordered it from

Karen at The Drapers Daughter, none of that, would have happened, and I'd be supporting an independent business - sorry Karen I won't do it again.

Once again I chose some fabric from my stash to make what I hoped would be a wearable toile, I found some wine coloured peach skin fabric that I bought from Abakhan last year.

The pattern pieces for the top come in two halves, with the bottom half being the same piece for both which was a bit of a surprise in a pdf pattern but easy to put together, so it's just a little niggle. The instructions were clear with lots of diagrams I found them to be very detailed and easy to understand. The top came together in no time at all, and when I tried it on, it fitted - hooray! So I set about cutting into my beloved Nani Iro fabric and made version number 2, the only thing I did this time was use French seams as I felt this fabric deserved it.

Hmm, I'm not sure, I actually think that the peach skin version looks better and really wish that I'd saved the Nani Iro for a different project it feels like this version is bigger on me, so I'll probably give it a tweak.

I enjoyed making the tops so much that I decided I'd make a dress too, I've had a hankering for a maxi skirt so thought this would be perfect, and I could easily throw a jumper over it if I'm cold. The fabric is a viscose from The Textile Centre, so cheap as chips, the pattern has side splits which I chose to only make on one side. I really love this dress, there's no doubt I'll be making lots of variations in the summer, but in the meantime, I think this works with my ready to wear leather jacket and good old thick black tights.

I really recommend this pattern, it's great to have so many options, I love the details, and it's also lovely to support an independent company.

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