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Rosella my new love

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

I stumbled on The Sewing Revival an independent sewing pattern company from New Zealand recently. They are completely new to me, and I love the entire range of women's patterns, but they also do children's including young teens. My children are just past that stage, but I cannot tell you how few patterns there are out there for children over about 7 so really worth having a look. * Since writing this blog I've become an affiliate for The Sewing Revival, so any purchases made through the links will not cost you any more, but will give me a percentage toward the costs of running my blog/YouTube Channel*

Rosella top review

I may have got a little addicted to the Rosella top pattern, so far I've made five and I have ideas for a few more I think this is going to be my new Grainline Linden. What I love about it is the shape - (we called them batwing sleeves in the 80's), it's so comfortable to wear and can be worn with almost anything. However where this one gets interesting is that it's designed for drape woven fabric and stretch or a combination of the two. This is a brilliant stash buster each side takes about 60cm of fabric (must be 140cm wide) so perfect for using up odd bits or for buying a small amount of gorgeous but uber expensive fabric.

It's an incredibly easy top to sew, just two pieces with contrast ribbed cuff and neckband. I used ribbing on all of mine, but no reason why you can't use any stretch fabric you might have. The instructions are perfect for beginners and more confident sewists alike, there is a video tutorial for sewing the ribbing so lots of help and support.

The Sewing Revival Rosella Top Review
Rosella No 1

Rosella number one was made using the leftover bird print viscose from my Suun dress that came from The Textile Centre I made a size XL, which is a bit large as the neckline slips off the shoulder - I quite like it, but it restricts how often I'll wear it.

The Sewing Revival Rosella Top Review
Rosella No 2

Number two was made in a size L, I think it's a better fit. This time I used fabric that I've had my eye on for a while, it's a viscose/rayon from See You At Six that I bought from Lamazi fabrics It feels a bit Jackson Pollock to me and I love it.

Rosella number 3 was risky - it's an Atelier Brunette cotton cambric fabric that I bought from The Drapers Daughter so not drapy and I risked it by ordering just a metre, the pattern calls for 1.2 metres if you use the same fabric both sides. It really does need 1.2 metres, but I went rogue and split the back into two pieces and used the fabric on the cross grain - I think it worked.

So far I'd been playing it safe and used the same fabric for front and back, it was time to be more adventurous and so I used green floral French Terry that I bought a while back from Pin and Sew for the front, some pink jersey (I said I'd be wearing more pink) from Abakhan for the back and white ribbing from Minerva crafts. I really like this version, it's so comfortable and it's lovely to be wearing more vibrant colours in this grim Manchester February.

Last, but not least is Rosella number five, finally I used woven fabric - viscose from my stash with a knit using jersey also from my stash at the back. I jumped well out of my comfort zone and trimmed with some deep red ribbing from TFG fabrics and I'm really glad I did. Honestly I can't tell you which is my favourite because they all fit different moods and situations, but I've got to stop making them or there won't be enough days in the week to wear them all.

Even better news was that I was making Rosella number three when the #so50visible challenge was announced. This is open to all ages to support the sewing pattern companies who use older models, I contacted The Sewing Revival via Facebook and was pleased to have a message back from Janine the designer saying that yes the lovely model Kylie fits the criteria and like me Janine turned 50 in the last year. I will be entering all of my Rosella's into the challenge for a bit of fun, but also because I want my voice heard - hello we exist.

I promise I'm in no way sponsored by The Sewing Revival, I just love what Janine is doing and would like others to support her.

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